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I. Introduction – contact details

This Privacy Policy contains general information concerning the use (processing) of personal data by FACADE INVESTMENT SP. Z O.O. ul. Piłsudskiego 32 35-001 Rzeszów, Tax Identification Number 813-03-34-76

("we", "us"), insofar as these data relate to present and potential Clients, including persons visiting websites and, or particular branded sites (hereinafter jointly referred to as "Users").

We respect the privacy of our Users and, consequently, publish this Privacy Policy so that each User know to which extent his/her personal data are processed and be able to consciously and freely decide whether he/she wants to use our sites.

As part of this Privacy Policy we decided to generally describe how and to which extent we collect personal data of the Users, for which goals we use this data, as well as to whom we publish and how we protect it. The Privacy Policy will also provide the User with information on his/her rights.

The Policy is general and presents issues selectively. This Policy is particularised by specific regulations of websites administered on behalf of FACADE INVESTMENT SP. Z O.O. ul. Piłsudskiego 32 35-001 Rzeszów, and information clauses which the User will receive at the moment of collecting his/her personal data as part of particular services, subscription (newsletter), contact forms (reservation, contact request, request for quotation), contests, promotion campaigns, events, etc. The basis for any rights data subjects are entitled to and principles of data processing is General Data Protection Regulation, as indicated below.

Contact data
FACADE INVESTMENT SP. Z O.O. ul. Piłsudskiego 32 35-001 Rzeszów, Tax Identification Number 813-03-34-76
Contact details of the Data Protection Inspector

E-mail: address: FACADE INVESTMENT SP. Z O.O. ul. Piłsudskiego 32 35-001 Rzeszów, with the note "IOD".


II. Legal regulations on personal data protection

Privacy Policy of FACADE INVESTMENT SP. Z O.O. ul. Piłsudskiego 32 35-001 Rzeszów refers to the following regulations concerning personal data protection:

  • Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) (OJ L 119, p. 1) – referred to as "GDPR", applicable from 25.05.2018, and the Act on Personal Data Protection of 10 May 2018


III. Principles of processing your personal data

We appreciate the trust the Users put in us. When processing personal data of the Users we place great importance on ensuring this data is processed safely, reliably, lawfully and transparently for the User.

The most important principles followed by us are presented below:

  • We collect personal data only to a minimum extent necessary for the purposes for which they are collected.
  • Purposes of collecting personal data of the Users are clearly defined on the basis of legal regulations – we do not process data in a way inconsistent with these rules.
  • We care for validity and correctness of personal data obtained from the Users and immediately respond to each request for correction or update of data.
  • We comply with the User's right to access his/her personal data and amend it.
  • We also comply with the User's right to remove his/her personal data, withdraw the consent, limit data processing, transfer data, submit an objection against data processing, right to not subject to a decision based only on automated data processing, including profiling.
  • We reduce storage of personal data, as specified by the law, only to a period necessary for the purpose it is collected, unless events occur that may extend this period.
  • We protect personal data of the Users against loss, unauthorised access, random loss or change, as well as against other unlawful forms of data processing.
  • Should personal data be disclosed to other entities disclosure takes place safely and lawfully, based on an agreement.


IV. The User's rights related with processing personal data

FACADE INVESTMENT SP. Z O.O. ul. Piłsudskiego 32 35-001 Rzeszów complies with the User's rights related to processing his/her personal data. These rights arise from valid legal regulations with regard to personal data, in particular GDPR (Article 16-21).

Each User has the right to:

  • Withdraw the consent to processing of his/her personal data at any time.
  • Right to access data you have the right to receive from us a confirmation of whether your personal data is processed by us and how.
  • The right to correct out-of-date or inaccurate personal data, as well as the right to supplement it if it is incomplete.
  • The right to object against processing of your personal data - if we process it based on our justified interest (e.g. analytical, evidential, archiving purposes), then in the event of your objection, we stop its processing, unless we demonstrate existence of significant, reasonable grounds for processing, which should objectively prevail over your nuisance or consist in defending our claims (e.g. in the court proceedings). The right of objection is entitled also if processing applies to direct marketing, including profiling based on our legally justified interest, e.g. in connection with cookie-based profiling. In such a case personal data processing for that purpose must be immediately abandoned.
  • The right to remove personal data by FACADE INVESTMENT SP. Z O.O. ul. Piłsudskiego 32 35-001 Rzeszów ("right to be forgotten"), as a matter of principle, consists in requesting the administrator to immediately remove one's own personal data.
  • The right to limit personal data processing which, in practical terms, may consist in temporary blocking of access to your data for the Users or transferring your data to another system.
  • Right to transfer data you have the right to receive copies of personal data that you provided to us if processing proceeds on the basis of your consent or an agreement, or in an automated manner.
  • The right to submit a complaint to the supervision authority– the Office of Personal Data Protection (to the President of the Office of Personal Data Protection).

Any requests concerning processed personal data, including your rights, can be sent by e-mail to or in writing to the address of FACADE INVESTMENT SP. Z O.O. ul. Piłsudskiego 32 35-001 Rzeszów with the note "IOD". In the case of a consent withdrawal request, see also Item VII below.

Your requests are met without unnecessary delay, however, no later than within a month from its receipt. This term can be extended by further two months in the event of the complicated character of a request or the number of requests, of which you will be informed. Until the time of execution of a request it may, however, happen that you will receive from us information, from which you resigned by withdrawing your consent.


V. Safety of personal data

FACADE INVESTMENT SP. Z O.O. ul. Piłsudskiego 32 35-001 Rzeszów uses technical and organisational measures to protect personal data against unlawful or unauthorised access or use, as well as against their accidental destruction, loss or violation of integrity. The principle of ensuring safety was a 'raison d'etre' for developing the IT infrastructure, designing standards and business practices. Our safety procedures include in particular: protection of access, backup system, monitoring, review and maintenance, security incident management.

When ensuring safety of the processed data, we undertake to put emphasis on:

a) confidentiality – we will protect data against accidental disclosure to third parties, b) integrity – we will protect data against unauthorised modification, c) availability – we will provide access to your data for authorised persons, if necessary.

Your personal data may be processed by third parties only when such an entity will commit to provide relevant technical and organisational measures ensuring safety of processing data, as well as to keep this data confidential. Each employee and collaborator of our company having access to personal data has relevant authorisations and is obliged to keep confidentiality.


VI. How do we process your data?

For what purpose and on what basis we process data of our Users?

FACADE INVESTMENT SP. Z O.O. ul. Piłsudskiego 32 35-001 Rzeszów processes your personal data only for specified, explicit and lawful purposes. We will not process your data in a way not compliant with these purposes.

We inform the User of the purpose and the legal basis for personal data processing, each time in a separate message, e.g. on the website, in writing, etc. as part of implementation of the information obligation.

Data collection method

Your personal data may come from many sources, including, on the basis of your consent, from companies cooperating with us, subcontractors, brands, from our websites, e.g. in the form of online stores, contact forms, training enrolment forms.

What data can we process?

Personal data which we write about may include your identification data, e.g. full name, contact data: , e.g. phone number, e-mail address, PESEL number. We will define and process only the necessary scope of data. When you specify your contact details, it is enough to provide only one of the following two: phone number or e-mail address.

As part of administration of different websites FACADE INVESTMENT SP. Z O.O. ul. Piłsudskiego 32 35-001 Rzeszów may collect different personal data whose specification is voluntary, but often necessary to process your order or inquiry. If you do not want to specify data by means of online forms, you can always contact our commercial partners in person.

The Users using our service (website) remain anonymous until they decide to log in


VII. Consent – consent withdrawal

In relations with the User, also as part of services offered via the website, the User may be asked to express his/her consent for personal data processing for marketing purposes, including electronic marketing, if it is your consent that will constitute a relevant legal basis for personal data processing. Our company requires expression of the consent when it is not necessary in a specific case (although the obligation to obtain the consent may result from other laws, e.g. permission for phone or electronic marketing).

The User has the right to withdraw his/her consent at any time, by filling the contact form available at .......... or through direct contact with our company.

Withdrawal of the consent does not involve any negative consequences or problems – you must know, however, that the withdrawal may result in the lack of the possibility to make use of such services as newsletter, event invitations, open days invitations and technical inspections - pursuant to legal regulations, they may not be provided, unless we obtain your consent.

Remember that withdrawal of the consent has no effect on lawfulness of processing of your data made on the basis of the consent prior to its withdrawal.

Your request will be examined immediately. After execution of the request we will cease to process your data for marketing purposes, also for the purpose of obtaining marketing and commercial information electronically and by phone. Until the time of execution of the request it may, however, happen that you will receive from us information from which you resigned by withdrawing the consent. If we have your data and use them for other purposes (e.g. implementation of a contract, provision of a service, demonstration of evidence, redress), we can still process them for these purposes on a different legal basis.


VIII. Data storage


FASADA INVESTMENT SP. Z O.O. ul. Piłsudskiego 32 35-001 Rzeszów stores personal data for the period necessary to comply with purposes, of which the User was informed. The storage period is determined in strict compliance with applicable law. The User has the right to obtain from us information on a likely time of storage of his/her personal data.

IX. Disclosure of data to other entities


Upon the User's consent, depending on the purpose of data processing and the content of processing and disclosure consents, your personal data may be disclosed to entities indicated in the consents.

We may provide your data to processing entities – companies providing services on our behalf, to which we will order activities that require data processing, in particular in the scope of IT and marketing services (i.e. marketing agencies), market research, organisation of events, call center.

Entities obtaining, as processing entities, your personal data for marketing purposes may be our COMMERCIAL PARTNERS acting to the order and on behalf of FACADE INVESTMENT SP. Z O.O. ul. Piłsudskiego 32 35-001 Rzeszów.

We would like to point out that insofar data recipients collect the User's personal data independently and on their own behalf, e.g. to offer products and services via their own channels, they are separate data administrators, and in this respect they bear their own responsibility for processing of such personal data, which does not subject to terms of our Policy.

X. Cookies


In connection with the use of,, - FACADE INVESTMENT SP. Z O.O. ul. Piłsudskiego 32 35-001 Rzeszów also collects data contained in system logs. We use them, above all, for technological purposes related to administration of our servers. Furthermore, our company use this information for the purposes related to statistical demographic information. Statistics allow us to focus, first of all, on analysis of the use of functions provided by websites.

System logs contain information about IP addresses (network interface number), however, this data do not enable us to clearly identify the User (indication of a specific person using the computer or other device connected to the Internet).


Cookie files are small text information sent by the portal and saved on the User's computer (or other device he/she uses). We do not use cookies to gather personal data, such as: full name or e-mail address.

The website uses cookies to recognise personal preferences of the User. In other words, cookies used by websites allow the sites to recognise the User's computer during the next visit at the website and are used solely to facilitate its use.


As part of processing personal data of our Users we may use profiling:

a) based on the User's consent - to select offers of products and services adapted to the needs of a given User (also using automatic processes, consisting in putting together your data regarding the consent coming from various sources or the Authorised Servicing Partner, websites) and a profile assigned on this basis, which results in selecting and showing advertisements or offers corresponding to your profile; b) without permission, on the basis of our legally justified interest regarding processed cookies, in order to adjust the contents and marketing messages displayed at,, owned by FACADE INVESTMENT SP. Z O.O. ul. Piłsudskiego 32 35-001 Rzeszów and other sites visited by you to your preferences and interests, on the basis of such data as: website visits and the number of clicks as part of different functions of our website, date of login and registration, data regarding the use of particular services on websites.

Banner advertising

Data collected at the time the User visits our website are used to display the so-called banner advertisements (advertising announcements). This type of advertisement, in most cases, uses cookie files or pixels. Our goal is to prepare the advertising offer, which is attractive and favourable for the User, therefore, as part of banner advertising the User may see, first of all, products that he/she already watched on our website or similar products he/she watched on other websites (the so-called retargeting). As part of banner advertising we do not use personal data that would directly indicate a specific User. More information on use of cookies are available at ____ or on particular brand websites.

XI. Changes in the Policy


FASADA INVESTMENT SP. Z O.O. ul. Piłsudskiego 32 35-001 Rzeszów reserves the right to introduce changes in this Policy, which may result from the need to adjust it to changes in legal regulations or applicable privacy standards, or the need to extend our offer. As a result, we will inform you about any changes in a relevant message on our websites.

XI I. Copyrights

All rights to,,, including all their graphic elements, pictures, website layout and any other website elements are reserved. The website and all its elements are protected by law, in particular by the Act of 4 February 1994 on Copyright and Related Rights (consolidated text: Dz.U. 2017, item 880, as ), the Act of 16 April 1993 on Counteracting Unfair Competition (consolidated text: Dz.U. 2018, item 419) and the Act of 27 July 2001 on Protection of Databases (Dz.U. 2001 No. 128, item 1402, as amended).


XIII. Price lists

Price lists and other information available at,,, do not constitute a commercial offer. Due to occasional promotional campaigns prices of our services presented on the websites and in the pricelists could change. Information materials published on the website may be provided for extra payment or be inaccessible on the Polish market.

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